A Global Mining Company

This company is one of the world’s largest miners within its particular field. With its headquarters in South Africa, operations span much of Africa, America, South America and Australia.

Working with a team of other consultants, our brief was to examine safety performance globally and to develop the right strategic positioning for the future. The business had historically operated on a country-by-country basis, but wanted to establish a globally consistent footprint for safety and other business initiatives. It understood that it could not become the leading company in its field unless it transformed safety.

The majority of our work was conducted in South Africa, West Africa and Brazil. Our review focused on three key dimensions: safety culture, safety systems and performance, and futures-based scenario planning to determine potential sources of risk. Our report identified 12 key areas to be addressed. Of particular interest to this client, these areas included key strategies to deal with community safety as well as unique employee communication and engagement issues.

The CEO and global executive team endorsed the recommendations and implementation has started.

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